Friday, February 24, 2012

You sneaky mom!

I know its going to be a long day when I wake up with Lennox, look at the clock and try to calculate exactly when I can put her down for a nap.

I start thinking to myself "It's been 3 hours. Why isn't she tired yet?" "If I put her down now, will she stay awake or will she actually take the ticket and go to sleepy town?" "What if I use Benerdryl? No that makes her cranky and it doesn't actually work"

Usually, I think of all sorts of inventive and stimulating things for her to do. But I know it's one of those days when all that I can manage to do is drool on the couch and put Baby Einstein on repeat. 

Today is one of those days. 

 Alas, I've already tried to put her down once to no avail. So I decided I could try to keep myself awake by blogging. 

The hardest thing about being a mom so far is determining what the most important thing is for me: Alone time or Rest... 
Ninety percent of the time rest wins out for me.... and the only way that I can get that rest is if Lennox goes down for a nap.

Since moving to Ohio, we've been living with Jesse's parents. That means that Leni gets to share a room with us. Which means I have to be sneaky at nap time. The best thing about this room is that it's the darkest room I've ever been in in my entire life. I'm weird in that when I got to bed, all the lights have to be out. ALL of them. That blinky light on my charging laptop? I get Jesse to throw a towel over it. Crack in the door? Shove clothes by the exposed crack. Everything has to be completely dark. It makes me sound like a boogeyman or something but that's just the way it is. Also, "goodnight" has to be one of the last things said. And I have to make sure that my feet are touching Jesse's.

If Jesse gets a wild hair and starts having a conversation with me after I've already said good night, I have to go through the routine again or I feel like I can't go to sleep. 

"...and I'm glad I changed Temp agencies b/c I'm no longer worried about being stabbed by crackheads who might steal my check." "That's good Jesse, I love you." "I love you too my Bee." "Goodnight." "Goodnight." (worm between Jesse's feet with my own)

Every. Night. Yes, aren't you glad you didn't marry me?

Anyways back to the point. Sneaky nap time.  

The nap time routine is as follows :

I open the bedroom door so I have a light to see through the inky abyss, put Lennox in her bed and make sure she has her stuffed platypus "P-Woo".  I tell her "Nigh Nigh" then walk to the door making a bunch of racket to close the door so she thinks I've left. Then I ninja sneak into bed and hide under the covers. Lennox, of course probably sees right through my genius, but it makes me feel better to get a good sneak in once a day or so. 

I feel like I have to sneak, b/c if Lennox really knew that I was in there she'd want to be in the bed with me and or would find a way to pull my hair. (I don't know WHY but apparently Leni has a hair fetish. Maybe it's because she has little of her own... I've personally thought about exchanging P-Woo for a long wig for her to pull on. That is the extremeness of her fascination with hair.)

Ok, well I feel adequately awake enough to try to make it an extra hour or two till nap time... 

Have you been feeling exhausted lately?


  1. Sorry, hun, you lost me at "exposed crack". Hahahaha!!!

    Just kidding... That's adorable that Leni has a stuffed platypus. I couldn't imagine sleeping in the same room with a munchkin Leni's age. I'll bet when she's not trying to pull your hair out, you may be pondering just pulling it all out yourself. ;)

  2. I'm really regretting I didn't turn off those outside lights for you the other night. I will know for next time! XO


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